Meet Jade! 

Let's chat beauties! I'm Sincerelyjaiography but feel free to call me Jade! I am an Intimate Wedding and Portrait Photographer located in West Michigan! When I'm not behind the camera doing what I do best, I'm listening to music, singing and dancing, having fun with my hubby writing poetry or probably eating a big bowl of green grapes! 

Art comes in many forms and fashions! To me, art is not only drawing or painting a beautiful canvas but its also taking jaw dropping photos and having the creativity to capture special memories and raw emotions with the click of a button! That is exactly my goal for YOU when it comes to weddings! My dream is to bring your intimate wedding moments to life by telling a story and making them shine through the photos in the most beautiful way! Or if you just want to take photos to boost that confidence, show the world and yourselves your true essence, I am there with you, hyping you up during our time together!


My camera is literally my best friend! With it, it I am able to truly express myself and bring ideas to life and creative concepts with each person I shoot! I have a love love relationship with anything editorial! I also love meeting new people with each session I shoot! Your excitement to work with me brings me so much joy! Once my clients receive their photos and are in amazement of the result, my heart is truly content and its the best reminder as to why I do what I do! 

I look forward to chatting further with you and hoping to capture the art of emotions for you as your friendly neighborhood photographer! 


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