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Meet Jade! 

Let's chat beauties! I'm Sincerelyjaiography but feel free to call me Jade! I am an Intimate Wedding and Portraits Photographer located in West Michigan! When I'm not behind the camera doing what I do best, I'm loving on my amazing hubby, hanging with friends, having a movie marathon or enjoying a big ol' bowl of green grapes!(as you can already tell...I'm in love with grapes)   

Photography has always played a huge part in my life ever since I was a little girl. I was always that child running around with a little Kodak camera in her hand taking the most out of focus photos of well..just EVERYTHING! Many years down the line, that love for pictures turned into something more. Once I had my first camera, I was unstoppable! I truly started to enjoy taking landscape photos and that love eventually turned into taking photos of people because in my eyes, people and their stories to me, are art! 


Today, I specialize in intimate weddings and portraits. I am truly "wildly in love with the wildly in love." My dream is to bring your raw emotions in those special moments to life by telling YOUR love story and making them shine through my camera in the most beautiful way possible. OR if you just want a sesh with me just to boost that confidence and show the world your true essence, I am there hyping you up the whole way during our time together! I also have a LOVE LOVE relationship with anything editorial. It just hits different!

Lastly, I absolutely love meeting new people and learning so much from your stories with each session I shoot. Its truly an honor being apart of making your wedding day memorable and special. Once my clients receive their photo gallery, and are in amazement of the result, my heart is so content and its honestly why I do what I do! 

I look forward to chatting further with you and hopefully being that hype woman and friendly neighborhood intimate wedding photographer for your beautiful day!

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